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Someone's In the Kitchen is an independent, gourmet kitchenware store in Rapid City, South Dakota. We are your shop for "all things kitchen". Enjoy a leisurely shopping experience in the world of kitchen and home.


French Macarons | Wednesday, March 1 | 6-9pm

iStock_000017770507XSmall_Macaron copy.jpeg
iStock_000017770507XSmall_Macaron copy.jpeg

French Macarons | Wednesday, March 1 | 6-9pm


Certified Pastry Chef, Tori Haudenschild

Learn how to master these tricky little cookies that everyone craves!  Tori will teach you step by step how to mix, bake, and fill the ever so popular macaron and a delightful ganache filling to go along with it.  Each guest will get a chance to learn hands-on how to properly assemble them and different decorating techniques.

French macaron, ganache filling, step by step instructions 

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